The first superfeed for horses for a sufficient basic supply of vital substances.

It protects horses from an unbalanced diet, particularly in winter if hay quality deteriorates, and prevents symptoms of deficiencies that can cause serious organ or bone diseases. It provides support during acute illness, helps during recovery phases, and encourages rapid recuperation between competitions.


Contains at least 30 gram Moringa Oleifera leaf powder per litre.


€29.90 per litre

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The first superfeed for horses in heavy work, in training, or participating in competitive sports. With regular use it is particularly helpful in maintaining high performance by natural means. The aim of having a fit and healthy sporting partner is the same with all high-performance horses. But only with a balanced supply of vital substances will a horse be capable of meeting the demands of an athlete while remaining healthy on a sustained basis, without its sensitive digestive system becoming overburdened.


Contains at least 50 gram Moringa Oleifera leaf powder per litre + Moringa Oleifera Oil.




The first superfeed for foals and young horses as well as pregnant and lactating mares, who have a significantly increased requirement for vital substances. During breeding in particular, the daily supply of energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins must be considerably increased in order to prevent shortfalls in supply. The mare needs increased reserves for rapid growth of the embryo during pregnancy, as well as for imminent lactation.


Contains at least 50 gram Moringa Oleifera leaf powder per litre  + Moringa Oleifera Oil.